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Jesusa "Jessica" Sanchez

Your next Tax Assessor-Collector

Hays County needs a tax-assessor collector that can provide service residents deserve. Sanchez will create an office that is accessible, efficient, and resourceful to provide the most convenient service available.

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My platform is defined by the following values: Accessibility, Efficiency, and Experience.


The Tax-Assessor office is vital to the county. The office is responsible for collecting taxes and fees from residents. I want to ensure that residents of all backgrounds and education are capable of understanding why and how they are to pay their taxes and fees.


The current process for paying taxes and fees is a long and grueling experience for residents. Residents should receive a fast and trustworthy process when residents are doing their duty of paying taxes and fees. I will develop new practices to ensure that staff process residents with efficiency.


There is much to know about collecting tax payer money.That is why it's important that we elect individuals with experience who can craft a team that is led with experience.

About Jessica


Jessica Sanchez has lived in Hays County for the past three years, previously living in Caldwell County. Jessica has 14 years of experience within the Tax-Assessor Collector Office of Hays County. Jessica comes from a family of hard-work. She was raised understanding the value of working hard and wants to ensure that when others do their duty their hard work is recognized and rewarded with a first-class experience.

Jessica is trained in:

  • Truth in Taxation

  • Tax 101

  • Tax 102

Become a Donor

The role of Tax Assessor-Collector is vital to the functioning of our state and local communities. I believe that I have the experience and skills necessary to carry out the duties of this office effectively and efficiently. However, as a first-time candidate, I am dependent on the support of individuals like you to help fund my campaign. If you believe in my vision for Hays County and want to see positive change, please consider making a donation to my campaign. Any amount, big or small, can make a difference. Thank you for your consideration and support.

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